How to Enrol

Royal Oak Primary School does not take out of zone applications.

When you contact the school, please ask for Leonie Thode who handles enrolment enquiries, or you are welcome to email us at

We are happy to receive requests for enrolment forms personally or by phone, post or email.

If you want to visit our school to have a look around before you make a firm decision please make an appointment.

Our school has an enrolment policy which means that you need to live in our school zone. We are not taking any out-of-zone applications.  
Our school zone is available for down-loading from the attachment below.
We appreciate having children pre-enroled at four years of age as it helps us plan and organise classes for the next year.

Once again, when you contact the school, please ask for Leonie Thode, who handles enrolments.

New Entrant (Year 0/1) starting dates for 2018

Term 1 Term 2
Wednesday 31 January Monday 30 April
Monday 12 February Monday 14 May
Monday 26 February Monday 28 May
Monday 12 March Monday 11 June
Monday 26 March Monday 25 June
Monday 09 April  
Term 3 Term 4
Monday 23 July Monday 15 October
Monday 06 August Monday 29 October
Monday 20 August Monday 12 November
Monday 03 September Monday 26 November
Monday 17 September  

For information on International Student enrolments please go to Information / International Students


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